10.08.21 —

Gallery Box 20/21 (by appointment)

Group exhibition

Gallery Box 20/21, Stijn D'hondt

During the working year 2020-2021, Truth/reality was the theme of Coppejans Gallery. With an exhibition series in the Antwerp gallery space, at fairs and external locations, Stijn Coppejans worked around this theme in his own way. With these projects gives an innovative approach to the role of a gallery.

Stijn Coppejans: “The dialogue between viewer, curator and artist must be strengthened. The works and concepts shown will become narrative elements in a story that will be captured in various ways. Reports of conversations will be made, documentation about our projects will be collected and a few objects of each exhibition are going to be preserved for the future.”

Under the project name Gallery Box 20/21, fifteen boxes were be created containing an annual report from the gallery:

- Twelve were sold
- One is kept in the gallery
- Another one goes to a substantive supporter
- One is intended for an external archive or museum

The boxes for this first year were designed by Stijn D’hondt. They were presented empty at the start of Coppejans Gallery. During the working year, they were filled with information and artworks from the artists the gallery works with. These pieces can be editions, variations and original works that will symbolize a year of gallery activities. This way a story box is created, or rather, a fact box that enables everyone to evaluate a year of operation of Coppejans Gallery in his or her own way.

Now, the owners of the Gallery Box 20/21 can pick up their archive case. After a very turbulent, but also fascinating year of work, the box was closed on May 11, 2021. The contents of the box are displayed in a short exhibition. If you want to see the exhibition, you can make an appointment via stijn@coppejansgallery.be or +32 486 20 27 78.