Adriaan Rees


Adriaan Rees

Adriaan Rees

° 1957
The Netherlands

Adriaan Rees is a Dutch artist. He lives in Amsterdam and settles in various locations worldwide in order to perfect his images with the right materials. For example, he spends large parts of the year in China where he manages one of his most important studios.

Rees works as a sculptor creating installations and sculptures in public space. Rees' ceramics have a sparkling, shiny beauty that engages the viewer in the work through the reflections of the space and elements around it. With respect for the craft and the associated limitations, a visual language is created of which each piece has a personal identity. The fact that he travels a lot as an artist has a strong influence on his work.

The work of Adriaan Rees is very successful internationally and is present in several important collections. In Belgium he is represented by Coppejans Gallery.

Available Artworks

Adriaan Rees, I can't read.
I can't read.
, 2020
Adriaan Rees - History of Art
The History of Art
, 2020
Adriaan Rees - Grip, 2010
, 2010

Unavailable Artworks

Adriaan Rees - Face Grip
Face grip
, 2016
Small Landscape, Adriaan Rees
Small Landscape
, 2016


The world of things - Adriaan Rees
The world of things
Gallery Box 20/21, Stijn D'hondt
Gallery Box 20/21 (by appointment)
Adriaan Rees I cant read (AKA This is not America) 2020
I can't read. Performance AKA "This is not America"
Intuïtion by Joseph Beuys
Gallery Box 20/21
Packed & boxed.
Art = Hard
Art = Hard


Performance Adriaan Rees - Drei Hasen
Performance Adriaan Rees: "Drie hazen"