Gallery Box


Gallery Box 21/22 - Nico Dockx

The second Gallery Box was designed by Nico Dockx for the 2021-2022 working period. One box consists of four printed boxes in the CMYK colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. The four boxes slide together like Russian dolls. The three outer boxes have a manual addition on the inside, namely the words Intuition, Courious and Ouragan in acrylic paint. The outside is printed with pictures of the artist with a ball in his hand. This is a ‘spider web archive’ that the artist has been keeping since the 1990s. After or during artistic performances, he collects abandoned cobwebs by adding them to the ever-growing ball. There are webs from all over the world in the ball. Above the photo is the text: “Trough Time and Today” and “Such Places as Memory”.

Under the project name Gallery Box 21/22 , fifteen boxes are published containing an annual report of the gallery:

  • Twelve are for sale
  • One will be saved in the gallery
  • Another goes to the artist
  • One is for an external archive or museum

The boxes were presented in the Arhcief 2022 expo, just before the turn of the year 21/22. They are presented empty to the public. During the working year they are filled with information and works of art by the artists with whom the gallery works. These are editions, variations and original works that will symbolize a year of gallery operation. In this way a story briefcase is created, or rather, a briefcase of facts that enables everyone to evaluate the operation of Coppejans Gallery in his or her own way.


Collecting days: 10-22 august
Collecting days: 10-22 august

The Gallery Box 20/21 is finally complete. The start of Coppejans Gallery ran roughly parallel to the start COVID-19 crisis. It goes without saying that nothing went as originally planned. With the support of quite a few partners, artists and collectors, the start-up year of my gallery became a success in spite of everything. The owners of the Gallery Box 20/21 are the supporters of the first hour. Their purchase allowed us to give shape to a whole series of projects. After all, the proceeds from the Gallery Box made exactly 10 art performances possible and allowed us to provide several lectures, reports and publications with style.

With a personal invitation to the 12 owners, I bring them the good news that our very first Gallery Box is completely finished. It is filled with about 250 photos and archival documents, contains some books and 6 special pieces of art. The participating artists each made a very personal and meaningful contribution for which I am very grateful.

As I would like to present Gallery Box 20/21 to the owners personally at the handover, I invite them to make a personal appointment between August 10 and 22. During that time, the contents of the Box will also be displayed in the gallery. Those who are curious about the contents of the Box are also welcome. A simple email or phone call will arrange an appointment. Who knows, it might pique your interest to participate in the Gallery Box 21/22. This will be designed by artist Nico Dockx.

René and Georgette Magritte with their dog.
René and Georgette Magritte with their dog.

The last artist contribution to the Gallery Box 20/21 is on its way. The Lothar Wolleh Estate presents us with an iconic portrait of René Magritte and his wife with some very special features.

  • The photo is a color picture from 1967.
  • The photo is in the Magritte archive.
  • This photo is said to have inspired Paul Simon for the song “René and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War.” Simon told a story about being at Joan Baez’s house waiting for her to put the phone down to start rehearsing. He pulled a book from her shelf of Magritte’s artwork and found a photo that gave rise to the title of the famous song.

The Lothar Wolleh Estate makes this contribution to the Gallery Box because of the collaboration for the exhibition “Lothar Wolleh: Intuition! Interaction!” in the M HKA and the exhibition “Wer nicht Denken will, fliegt raus!” in the gallery.

René and Georgette Magritte with their dog, Brussels, 1967
size: 38 x 38 cm
edition:  100
pigment print on baryta paper
stamped and numbered by the Lothar Wolleh Estate

Rolling cube in the box!
Rolling cube in the box!

Ewerdt Hilgemann is adding a very special document to Gallery Box 20/21.

During all the conversations about his retrospective exhibitions at the Kröller-Müller Museum and at Coppejans Gallery, that same key moment in his artistry kept coming up: the Rolling Cube. Hilgemann’s decision in 1982 to take a hand-polished cube of solid marble back to the top of the marble quarry in Carrara and plunge it down there was a real breaking point in his oeuvre. Afterwards, he used deformations and damages as essential components of his work.

Now he is adding to our Gallery Box a 1982 silkscreen showing the rolling cube. He reworked it with red felt pen and then put it in our archives, signed.

Contribution Wido Blokland
Contribution Wido Blokland

“La vie est un rêve, moi un miroir.” it says on the small wooden case that Wido Blokland puts in our Gallery Box. A wooden box, containing a convex mirror, a bottom that has been blackened with Indian ink and a star map in the lid. There is also a black stick to put the box half open. The star map differs from box to box. The stick can just as well be a pointing stick and the mirror shows us a curved universe, or when we open the box ourselves.

Wido Blokland’s contribution to the Gallery Box 20/21 comes from his solo exhibition entitled “Terra incognita & The place of man.”

Adriaan Rees brings his Gallery Box contribution with a performance.
Adriaan Rees brings his Gallery Box contribution with a performance.

Entitled “I can’t read. AKA This is not America.” Artist Adriaan Rees will bring his gallery Box contribution to Antwerp on Sunday 20 December. The performance will be broadcast live via our facebook page from approximately 2.30 pm.


photo: Ronald van Wieren
Thomas Betsens makes tape collages.
Thomas Betsens makes tape collages.

Today, precisely on the day of the Sinterklaas celebration, Thomas Betsens brought us the result of his recordings at Ewerdt Hilgemann’s Cube Implosion.

50 tapes were made, all signed. In addition, there was an extra surprise. He also made some of his Cut Up Tape collages. Each gallery box will receive one copy of the tape, a download code with the digital files and an original tape collage of 10 x 6 cm.

Jan Henderikse sends us ‘Packed and Boxed from NYC’
Jan Henderikse sends us 'Packed and Boxed from NYC'

On the occasion of the Packed & Boxed exhibition, Jan Henderikse created 15 original artworks for our Gallery Box 20/21. With some delay and little by little, the works find their way to the gallery through customs controls.

The works all measure approximately 30 x 30 cm and are assemblies with ready-mades or coins on painted panels. They were packaged by Coppejans Gallery in a special box.

Gallery Box 20/21 central to the expo Packed & Boxed
Gallery Box 20/21 central to the expo Packed & Boxed

In the conversations about the Gallery Box, the first ideas came up for an exhibition about packaging in art.

Due to the changes in the program following the COVID-19 crisis, we had the opportunity to also realize this exhibition. Stijn D’hondt’s box is central to the expo.

Gallery Box 20/21 will start in July
Gallery Box 20/21 will start in July

The Gallery Box 20/21 project will start at the beginning of the exhibition ‘Packed & Boxed’. This expo runs from July 2nd.

The twelve owners of the box can come to pick up their box from that day and at each expo that follows, an artistic contribution will be made available to add to it. You can follow this process on this site.

Stijn D’hondt designs table for the gallery
Stijn D'hondt designs table for the gallery

The creator of the Gallery Box 20/21 will design a round table for the gallery. As a young designer, he creates unique tables with his Pinscher label.

For the gallery Stijn D’hondt chose materials with a distinct character that at the same time enter into a peaceful relationship with the environment. The ultimate choice became a combination of black volcanic basalt, cold liquid tin and dark patinated brass.

We are already looking forward to the result.

Gallery Box 20/21 sold out
Gallery Box 20/21 sold out

During the weekend of the pop-up opening, the Gallery Box 20/21 was presented to the public for the first time. People’s interest was very high and all copies were sold immediately.

During the coming working year, the 12 suitcases sold will be filled with art objects from our artists. In addition, three extra boxes will be filled: one for the designer, one for our own archive and one for a museum or external archive.

Gallery Box 20/21 first presented to the public
Gallery Box 20/21 first presented to the public

On 18 and 19 January 2020, for the first time the public could become acquainted with the objectives of Coppejans Gallery, a new art gallery in Antwerp. During a pre-opening, the plan was rolled out to start at the end of March 2020. An annual program will be made and the public will be closely involved in the thinking process behind the art projects.

The Gallery Box 20/21 was also presented during this pop-up exhibition. The four hundred visitors were able to view the box in the presence of designer Stijn D’hondt.

Stijn D’hondt wil design the Gallery Box 20/21
Stijn D'hondt wil design the Gallery Box 20/21

The decision is made. The young designer Stijn D’hondt has committed to design the very first Gallery Box for Coppejans Gallery. With a sleek and timeless design and starting from a 2D construction, he wants to make a box that can also serve as a pedestal for the artworks it will contain.

Stijn D’hondt is one of the initiators of Pinscher, his own design label for which he mainly designs tables. In doing so, he continues a tradition of furniture design that has been in the family since 1922.

Two brainstorming sessions with the designer were planned for the development of the Gallery Box 20/21. After the first exchange of views, we already came to an agreement and the design was awarded to Stijn D’hondt.