20.12.20 —

I can’t read. Performance AKA “This is not America”

Adriaan Rees

Adriaan Rees I cant read (AKA This is not America) 2020

On December 20, the last opening Sunday at Coppejans Gallery in 2020, artist Adriaan Rees will perform at the gallery. The event can be followed at the Falconplein and will be broadcasted live on our facebook page. facebook page.

The work of Rees is included in the exhibition “Truth / Reality.” which will run until mid-February. The performance has the same title as that of one of the sculptures on display in the exhibition. The reference to America in the sentence 'This is not America' links to a well-known performance by Joseph Beuys from 1974.

With this artistic performance Adriaan Rees will deal with the themes of truth and reality in his own way. After the performance there will also be an interview with the artist.