Lothar Wolleh


Lothar Wolleh

Lothar Wolleh

° 1930
† 1979

Lothar Wolleh is a German photographer, best known for his close contacts in the international avant-garde art scene of the 1960s.

As a photographer, he has portrayed dozens of the most influential artists. His work is so recognizable and characterful that it often became the most used reference portraits of the photographed artists. Wolleh played an important role as an artist. He was a connecting figure and, thanks to the many collaborations, was surrounded by a very influential network. He therefore worked intensively with various artists. For example, he took more nine hundred photos of Joseph Beuys during performances and collaborative projects.

Coppejans Gallery represents the Berlin Lothar Wolleh Estate in Belgium. We create various exhibitions about and with the work of this artist.

Available Artworks

Beuys in Moderna Museet Stockholm - Lothar Wolleh
Beuys in Moderna Museet
, 1971
Beuys in Moderna Museet, Stockholm 1971
Beuys in Moderna Museet
, 1971
Beuys in Moderna Museet, Stockholm 1971, Lothar Wolleh
Beuys in Moderna Museet
, 1971
Lothar Wolleh - Joseph Beuys Filz TV action
Joseph Beuys Aktion Filz-TV
, 1968
Rene Magritte by Lothar Wolleh
Mr. Magritte
, 1967
Georgette Magritte by Lothar Wolleh
Mrs. Magritte
, 1967
Lothar Wolleh - 'Jan Henderikse' Analog Photography
Jan Henderikse
Christo by Lothar Wolleh
Portrait van Beuys in het Moderna Museet Stockholm
Beuys in Moderna Museet Stockholm
Beuys and his students, Lothar Wolleh
Beuys and his students.

Unavailable Artworks

No artworks found.


PAN Amsterdam
PAN Amsterdam
Gallery Box 20/21, Stijn D'hondt
Gallery Box 20/21 (by appointment)
Lucio Fontana by Lothar Wolleh (detail)
Lothar Wolleh: Intuïtion! Interaction!
Lothar Wolleh, Beuys Filtz TV (fragment)
Wer nicht denken will, fliegt raus!
Intuïtion by Joseph Beuys
Gallery Box 20/21
Packed & boxed.


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