27.02.21 —


Wido Blokland

Wido Blokland - A Mind Of Your Own [Goglgotha] 3

Our new exhibition will open on Saturday 27.02.2021 and Sunday 28.02.2021 at 1 pm in the presence of the artist. The idea for this solo exhibition with Wido Blokland arose last summer during a three-day studio visit in Scrignac, Breton. The artist lives and works in the middle of nature. He has several workshops spread over a large area with a vegetable garden, flower meadows, hiking trails and forests in between. With a few solar panels and the water source that is also present on the site, he lives and works completely self-sufficient. It is an environment that forces you to live to the rhythm of the weather and the days. The silence that reigns brings you closer to yourself and soon the questions you don't ask yourself are likely to arise.

"Everything I do as an artist stems from the simple and fundamental question: what is the place of man?"    — Wido Blokland

With the exhibition "Terra incognita & the place of man" Wido Blokland places the emphasis on the way inwards. It is a plea for self-examination and critical thinking. The artist questions the eternally outward-reaching spirit of man and thereby also denounces the madness of a culture whose signs of self-destruction can no longer escape anyone. The real unknown territory, according to the artist, lies within ourselves, in our inner cosmos. It is limitless and contains countless untrimmed paths. The message that Blokland brings is therefore not a pessimistic prediction of the demise of mankind. Rather, it is a plea to seek solutions within ourselves rather than putting our trust in a global reset to be imposed from above.

Blokland holds up a mirror to us. Sometimes literally. The light is brought in with convex and concave mirrors, but at the same time distorts the image we see. The arrangements that the artist places in the space conceal a precarious charge. All balance is apparent and lacks any durability. The shakiness of our certainties is portrayed and the place of man comes into question.