12.09.20 —

Cube (Self)

Ewerdt Hilgemann

Ewerdt Hilgemann - Rolling cube

The intriguing oeuvre of Ewerdt Hilgemann (1938) was brought together in a solo exhibition at the Kröller Müller Museum. This expo is running until Noverber 8.Under the title Work In Progress (1959-2020), the museum shows a historical overview of more than 60 years of artistry. The title is perfectly chosen, because Hilgemann never stops.

With his controlled and uncontrollable interventions on near-perfect constructions, he exposes an essential aspect of our existence: we all have a history, we all have a life course that is unpredictable.

Coppejans Gallery presents an selection of Hilgemann's work from the same period: 1959 to the present day. The most recent sculpture will even be created during the exhibition. As a performance, the artist will realize an implosion of a cube on Falconplein. The height of the cube is also exactly the height of the artist, which is why it gets the title Cube (Self).