Laurence Petrone


Laurence Petrone - Gib acht, O Mensch_wat is de zintuiglijkheid van zwart

Laurence Petrone

° 1987

Eingeschloβenes weitet sich aus. What is enclosed expands.

[Hortence Petroen on the artistic practice of Laurence Petrone, Zauberberg, 2022]

In an interview with Belgian sculptor Bernd Lohaus, Laurence Petrone read the words: ‘eingeschloβenes weitet sich aus’, ‘what is enclosed expands.’

She recognised his words. After her studies in History the thought arose:

Everything is enclosed within itself. It is a matter of looking carefully. But what makes me look, what enables seeing?

She decided to study Sculpture.

In her artistic practice she recognises two elements that guide her hands

  • the sensory quality of a material: its attractiveness (in texture, colour, shape, smell, etcetera) and what remains intangible
  • the intervention in space aligned by proportions and perception and in relation to everyone’s physicality

Beide – de zintuiglijkheid der dingen en de ervaring van de ruimte – bepalen elkaar en zijn bepalend voor de zintuiglijkheid die ieder zijn is.

In the past year, she has been working with stone, lead, copper, corn plants, the sculptural quality of the written and the spoken word.

The most recent works in stone - NOUS (Autrefois Toi) - are doused with water. By doing this the act of sculpting is continued in relation to the material and in relation to the space that is changed by the water. NOUS (Autrefois Toi) – worden overgoten met water. Deze handeling zet het beeldhouwen verder in relatie tot de materie en in relatie tot de ruimte die door het water verandert.

Recently, her book The Uncut. On Sculpture as Embodied Thinking came out. She writes about what is specific to a studio practice, to sculpture and to people who have thought about this in convergence of their words and being.


Laurence Petrone, Gib acht, O Mensch [what is the sense of black?], Belgian bluestone (180 x 30 x 18 cm), water, sunlight dated 12.06.2021 13h27. Photograph: Hans Theys.

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