Eye for a tree, Wido Blokland
Eye for a tree.

Eye for a tree.

As part of Wido Blokland's solo exhibition, we submitted a request to the city council to place an art installation on the Falconplein. Wido Blokland wants to realise an installation there that he had developed in 1999 under the title 'Eye For A Tree' as an idea for the municipality of Vlissingen. Three convex mirrors will be hung in the trees directly opposite the gallery.

The mirrors offer the possibility of being watched unnoticed. Security mirrors', the word says it all. By now, outdated by millions of cameras everywhere on the street, cameras hidden in television screens, computers and i-phones and scanners, contactless debit cards and keyless ignition keys, biometrics, iris scanners, facial recognition, crowd control, drones, dna databases, home automation, digital tattoos, smart meters, smart refrigerators and smart advertising displays, in short, outdated by an octopus-like panopticon of total surveillance with which we have shaped our modern state. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Maar er is ook een keerzijde. De spiegels doen je van bovenaf terugkijken op jezelf. Ze brengen een andere aanwezigheid dan de alledaagse, binnen de werkelijkheid. Ze doen nadenken over de vraag die tevens de titel van de expo zal zijn:”Wat is de plek van de mens?”