28.04.22 —


Jan Henderikse

Solostand on the art fair: The Solo Project.

28.04 – 11.00u - 21:00u (VIP)
29.04 – 11.00u - 20.00u
30.04 – 11.00u - 20.00u
01.05 – 11.00u - 18.00u

Brussels Circularium, Liverpool hall 1, Liverpoolstreet - 1070 Brussel

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Since the end of the 1950s the Dutch-American artist Jan Henderikse (°1937) has been working on an oeuvre that at first glance appears to have a multiform character. With his assemblages, photographic works and installations he balances on the fault line between ZERO, nouveau réalisme, pop art and conceptual art. And yet it is precisely this multiplicity, the seemingly careless choice of so many different media, that underlies a consistency that transcends 'isms'. His fascination with the residue of our daily lives is the undertone that colors all his works. It was in the mid-seventies that he first spoke of 'rejects' in this context, of discarded objects and residual materials which attracted his attention precisely because of their everyday character.

In his work Henderikse connects the Duchampian concept of the readymade with an endless stream of things, with what we use and love but just as easily throw away again. He eagerly uses corks, all kinds of bric-a-brac, 'failed' photographs from New York photo laboratories and disinterested snapshots in assemblages and installations. They confront us with the transience of our own existence - even with its absurdity. But they also appeal to what connects us, to interaction, communication and love. Henderikse records with the sharp eye of an ethnographer, his interest in the everyday is endless and constant. Or, in his own words, 'I am interested in everything that moves people.'

Antoon Melissen, November 2021