04.06.20 —



Panamarenko - pastille motor

With a short and one-time-only exhibition of original work by Panamarkeno, the countdown to the official start of the first working year of Coppejans Gallery begins.

An exceptional collection of 24 design drawings of the pastilles motor is shown. This motor one of the technical designs that played an important role in various installations of Panamarenko. Five of these motors were actually made. Onze of them is part of the collection of the Antwerp museum M HKA.

In total, Coppejans Gallery will make three short exhibitions before the first real opening takes place in the gallery. This is the first one. No group activities are planned during these three exhibitions, but the public is welcome during normal opening hours and by appointment. For this exhibition, Stijn Coppejans collaborates with his Antwerp colleague Tyr Baudouin of Galerie Lowet de Wotrenge.