15.09.22 —

Larey G.’s Living Room

Group exhibition

Larey G.'s Living ROOM

Coppejans Gallery invites the Antwerp artist collective FAAR to think about the ideal gallery.

In response, FAAR suggests  Larey G.’s Living Room ; A five-week sanctuary where the nouns artist, curator or gallery owner merge.

The starting point is the individuality that arises from everyone's practice; what we from there think, make, say, learn from each other and allow to happen. In the opening weekend, FAAR will turn Coppejans Gallery and Falconplein into a living room; a sculptural scenography as a planned living space. Over the next few weeks, FAAR welcomes thinkers and creators of what could be to shape their practice in Larey G.’s Living Room .

In Larey G's. Living Room, invites and casual guests can think in a free and tactile way about what a gallery could be. For example, it can be a sculpture in word and matter that will take a different shape depending on the participants and their reaction to what is given. FAAR provides the space with various supporting structures, which are offered to the guests as a basis and offer a concrete starting point, but an unprecedented outcome.

Before starting his gallery, Stijn Coppejans had 100 conversations to prepare himself. In these conversations, the function and form of a gallery was regularly questioned. The collaboration with FAAR can be seen as the start of a new research cycle after just under three years of gallery experience on the Falconplein.

Initiators: Stijn Coppejans + FAAR delegation: Rune Tuerlinckx, Arthur Van de Velde, Lucia Mrakovcic, Daan Peeters, Wouter van de Koot, Nel Maertens, Lina Ejdaa, Moataz Alqaissy, Laurence Petrone.