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Nico Dockx

° 1974

Nico Dockx expresses his fascination for archiving, inventory, memory, data management and information transfer in and through various media and methods. He often does not do this alone, but takes up the challenge with artists from various disciplines.

He wants to commemorate every space he works in with multimedia installations that make us wince for a moment. The idea for these interdisciplinary laboratories arose when he opened the doors of his studio to other artists a few years ago. Dockx felt that it is more important to come together with other people and exchange ideas than to occupy oneself with only oneself. That is why the archive plays such an important role in Dockx's presentations. Not only his own letters, e-mails, sound documents and images are used during his interventions, but especially the personal archives of others form an inexhaustible source for him. For Dockx, these archives are a kinetic instrument that can be used to connect with others.

Available Artworks

Nico Dockx - Becoming Archive, Becoming Agency, 2021
Becoming Archive, Becoming Agency
, 2021

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