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Carmine Iacolare

Carmine Iacolare

° 1998

Carmine Antonio Iacolare who is of Italian and Austrian descent, is a young visual artist. About two years ago he transferred his living and working place from Germanys countryside to the city of Antwerp.

His work, be it his paintings worked with protective materials, his dry-point etchings, collages or his experimental black-and-white analogue photography, the metamorphosis that he strives for substantially and externally cannot be overlooked. This constant movement, this uneasiness is brought to confrontation in his performances, with the artist in flesh and blood acting as the work himself, addressing topics, asking questions and engaging with the physical world beside the white gallery walls.

For him, everything he absorbs can be used, and every supposed mistake can be turned into something where one can learn from. Especially for an experimental artist like him, the language of material and the daily objects (some of them found on the street or abandoned houses) are the interesting nuances gracing his canvases or frames, the little common household goods that owe some familiar association with the world and the works created in it. Some of his work can be seen as a personification of the natural process, the coincidence in the happening of the creation and in some sense an uncertainty of what might result from the actions taken.

Available Artworks

Carmine Iacolare, Lightning 2022
, 2022
Black Swan, Carmine Iacolare
Black Swan
, 2021-2022

Unavailable Artworks

No artworks found.


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