Robert Schad, ELLERD, 2012 - vierkantstaal 262 × 147 × 87 cm

Duo exhibition Robert Schad in museum Schloss Moyland

From December 2020 to August 2021, 16 sculptures by the artist Robert Schad will be on show in the park around Museum Schloss Moyland. Indoor, an exhibition of his drawings and maquettes will be on display.

Schad has been working with steel square rods since the mid-1980s. The artist divides the industrially-manufactured material into pieces with sizes that are oriented around the human body and elements in nature. He then welds the parts into sculptures that unfold in space in agile, repeatedly branching lines.

Schad chose the locations in the park for his sculptures himself. It is interesting to see the works from different sides in order to observe how, depending on your angle of vision, the structure of their lines seems to make up ever new forms that combine with the surrounding landscape and the architecture.

The drawings and maquettes will be shown in the museum from 07.03.2021 until 27.06.2021.

About Schloss Moyland

The Museum Schloss Moyland is an important art institute in Germany. It is located in Bedburg-Hau and holds a very important collection of Joseph Beuys.

The Joseph Beuys Archive is part of the Museum Schloss Moyland, as an international research centre, and simultaneously serves as an institute at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (academy of arts). It contains a large holding of archive materials on Joseph Beuys, one of the most important artists of the 20th century. The extensive stock of both artworks and archive materials by and on Joseph Beuys under one roof is unique worldwide.


Van december 2020 tot augustus 2021 zijn 16 sculpturen van de kunstenaar Robert Schad te zien in het park rond Museum Schloss Moyland. In het museum zelf, zullen zijn tekeningen en maquettes worden getoond.

Schad werkt sinds het midden van de jaren 80 met massief vierkantstaal. De kunstenaar verdeelt het industrieel vervaardigde materiaal in stukken waarvan de afmetingen in verhouding zijn tot het menselijk lichaam en elementen uit  de natuur. Vervolgens last hij de onderdelen samen tot sculpturen die zich in beweeglijke, steeds weer vertakkende lijnen in de ruimte ontvouwen. Schad koos zelf de locaties in het park voor zijn sculpturen. Het is de moeite waard om te zien hoe de structuur van hun lijnen steeds nieuwe vormen lijkt te vormen die zich combineren met het omringende landschap en de architectuur van het kasteelgebouw.

De tekeningen en maquettes zullen in het museum te zien zijn vanaf 07.03.2021 tot 27.06.2021.


Over Schloss Moyland

Het Museum Schloss Moyland is een belangrijk kunstinstituut in Duitsland. Het is gevestigd in Bedburg-Hau heeft een belangrijke collectie van Joseph Beuys die naar aanleinding van 100 jaar Beuys extra in de aandacht zal staan.

Het Joseph Beuys Archief maakt als internationaal onderzoeksinstituut deel uit van de Stichting Museum Schloss Moyland en is tevens een instituut van de kunstacademie in Düsseldorf. De combinatie van een groot aantal kunstwerken en archiefstukken van en over Joseph Beuys onder één dak is uniek in de wereld.

Lothar Wolleh - Jef Verheyen, photo with intervention of the portrayed artist

Lothar Wolleh in the M HKA

2021 will be a very active year for Coppejans Gallery. Since mid-2019, Stijn Coppejans has been working on the preparations for Beuys’ centenary on May 12 this year. He brought together numerous partners to realize a large program.

The preparations for the 100 years Beuys project have also attracted the attention of the M HKA. Not immediately for Beuys himself, because the museum already made a solo exhibition of this in 2017. The focus is mainly on Lothar Wolleh, who we will be presented in our gallery at that time in a duo exhibition with Beuys.

With the exhibition in the M HKA, Coppejans wants to show the broader oeuvre of this German photographer. For example, there will be a selection that emphasizes his collaboration with various artists who contributed to the Antwerp avant-garde period in the Hessenhuis. In addition, we will also show the collaboration with Beuys, all the more so because the new book about this collaboration will be presented in M ​​HKA.

The title of the exhibition will be:Lothar Wolleh: Interaction! Intuition! In addition to the original portraits of the artists, a number of ‘interventions’ are also on display: photos of Wolleh that were edited by the depicted artists into new works of art.

photo: portrait of Jef Verheyen by Lothar Wolleh with an intervention of the portrayed artist himself.
herman de vries, sculpture V68 12, 1968

Coppejans Gallery on Artsy.

From now, Coppejans Gallery is a member of Artsy. The gallery works together with Link-To-Art, who advises the gallery for the international market.

Our projects and our artists will be presented on this international sales platform. In addition, we will also offer works from private collections of our contacts.

The page can be found with this link:


Riki Mijling, Infinite Void I + II, editie

A new book for Riki Mijling and a new edition for you

Following the success of the first book and the many international exhibitions that have been planned since then, it was time for a new publication. Art historian Antoon Melissen was therefore commissioned by the Riki Mijling Foundation to design the new book. It is expected in the spring of 2021.

Two special works were made to finance it, each in an edition of 20 pieces. It concerns two VOID sculptures, one that gets its color through slow oxidation (rusting) and one through rapid oxidation (burning). Both shapes can be hung in four directions. This active contribution from the spectator is typical of Mijling’s work. The use of the spontaneous corrosion of the material spontaneously establishes the connection between the abstract world of ideas and the earthly.

This project is supported by:

The Riki Mijling Foundation, Doetinchem (NL)
Coppejans Gallery, Antwerp (BE)
Gallery Floss & Schultz, Cologne (DE)
Gallery Rieder, Munich (DE)
Gallery Anna Wenger, Zurich (CH)

Those who want more information about the new edition can email us at .

Adriaan Rees I cant read (AKA This is not America) 2020

Adriaan Rees ends 2020 with a performance

On 20.12.2020, Adriaan Rees will bring a performance at Coppejans Gallery. That way, he will bring his contribution to the GalleryBox 20/21 to Antwerp.

The performance has the theme “physicality”. Its title: “I can’t read” aka “This is not America” is a reference to David Bowie and Joseph Beuys.

The performance will be broadcasted life on our Facebook page.

Thomas Betsens - Brain Interface Balloon

Thomas Bestens: Brain Interface Balloon

Today sound artist Thomas Betsens brought his Brain Interface Balloon to the gallery for a new performance.

Right across the imploded cube, he expanded a spherical balloon. He used a device that measures and interprets his brainwaves. During the performance the balloon got bigger and bigger and once it was fully inflated, it was equipped with a piezo microphone that mixes the sounds of the cube implosion with the sounds of the touching of the balloon.