The Gallery Box 20/21 is finally complete. The start of Coppejans Gallery ran roughly parallel to the start COVID-19 crisis. It goes without saying that nothing went as originally planned. With the support of quite a few partners, artists and collectors, the start-up year of my gallery became a success in spite of everything. The owners of the Gallery Box 20/21 are the supporters of the first hour. Their purchase allowed us to give shape to a whole series of projects. After all, the proceeds from the Gallery Box made exactly 10 art performances possible and allowed us to provide several lectures, reports and publications with style.

With a personal invitation to the 12 owners, I bring them the good news that our very first Gallery Box is completely finished. It is filled with about 250 photos and archival documents, contains some books and 6 special pieces of art. The participating artists each made a very personal and meaningful contribution for which I am very grateful.

As I would like to present Gallery Box 20/21 to the owners personally at the handover, I invite them to make a personal appointment between August 10 and 22. During that time, the contents of the Box will also be displayed in the gallery. Those who are curious about the contents of the Box are also welcome. A simple email or phone call will arrange an appointment. Who knows, it might pique your interest to participate in the Gallery Box 21/22. This will be designed by artist Nico Dockx.

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