Adriaan Rees gets a retrospective exhibition in Museum Beelden aan Zee The Hague. Under the title ‘The whit album’, work from various periods of the artist is brought together. Coppejans Gallery lent two large works for this expo. The expo runs from November 30, 2019 to March 1, 2020.

The exhibition The White Album consists of several episodes that can be seen in the Cabinet and the surrounding spaces. There are three chapters: the centrally located cabinet is completely white. The images are white, the space is left white and shielded. The world of gaseous whiteness refers to the Gipsotheek in the museum, but also to the nineteenth century, where almost all the plaster sculpture was presented at the salons.

On the North patio you can see a presentation of wall bases with heads, which can also be called ‘tronies’. They are portraits of emotion and feeling. In addition, two large portraits will be shown in the open space, specially made for this exhibition.

The corridors are filled with images related to Wanderlust, that time-honored feeling of unrest, wanting to discover the world and the uncanny that still holds an important place in our culture. Rees draws on German Romanticism and the oeuvre of the famous painter Caspar David Friedrich to discuss major themes and issues, such as our place in nature or feelings of belonging somewhere. By living in the Netherlands and in China, by moving permanently, Rees can feel at home and displaced in several worlds. For the artistry this means a permanent research into culture and nature, into feelings of ‘being at home’ and continuing to travel, and of course a permanent research into one’s own origin and sources.

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