Following the success of the first book and the many international exhibitions that have been planned since then, it was time for a new publication. Art historian Antoon Melissen was therefore commissioned by the Riki Mijling Foundation to design the new book. It is expected in the spring of 2021.

Two special works were made to finance it, each in an edition of 20 pieces. It concerns two VOID sculptures, one that gets its color through slow oxidation (rusting) and one through rapid oxidation (burning). Both shapes can be hung in four directions. This active contribution from the spectator is typical of Mijling’s work. The use of the spontaneous corrosion of the material spontaneously establishes the connection between the abstract world of ideas and the earthly.

This project is supported by:

The Riki Mijling Foundation, Doetinchem (NL)
Coppejans Gallery, Antwerp (BE)
Gallery Floss & Schultz, Cologne (DE)
Gallery Rieder, Munich (DE)
Gallery Anna Wenger, Zurich (CH)

Those who want more information about the new edition can email us at .

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